Reboot via SMS (4G modem)

I Have a LEDE installed on Pi3 with 4G Internet dongle connected. Now want to be able to send sms to 4G modem with a command to reboot LEDE.

Anyone done something similar?

Yes, I installed once smstools3 and gammu while I was playing with a 3G Modem some time ago, with 4G should be the same as far it is have working module with that feature, I don't remember which one I used but I was able to receive and launch a shell script once sms was received.

Please if you manage to do it post here the steps, It should be easy but would be really useful to have it here.

You can do it with own gcom scripts. But be carefully.

# set wwan mode from environment
set com 115200n81
set senddelay 0.02
waitquiet 1 0.2
flash 0.1

 send "at+cmgf=1^m"
waitfor 1 "OK"
send "AT+CMGL=\"ALL\"^m"
get 10 "^m" $l
if % = -1 goto endl
print $l
 if (len($l)) < 2 goto getl
 if $right($l,2) = "OK" goto endl
 goto getl

exit 0

and then I have shell script started from cron


SMS=`comgt -d $DEVICE -s $SCRIPT`
if [[ $SMS == *"CMGL:"* ]] ; then #is there new SMS? sms and do what you want. Be sure, sms is sent from your number (check it here) to avoid unexpected reboots