Reboot Router and must reboot modem every time

Is there any possible way to fix openwrt to get a ip address with having to reboot modem.

Maybe try enabling the broadcast flag on the WAN interface.

Does it work if you unplug and reconnect the ethernet cable ?

ifup wan ?

If Router is rebooted even just for a normal reboot.. I always have to unplug cable modem to reestablish wan connectivty.

as @aboaboit suggested, would an (ifdown +) ifup solve the problem ?

ifup is enough, unless you really want to bring the interface down for an extended period of time

In layman's terms how exactly what does ifup do to keep the cable modem provisioned and live wan connection. When router is the problem when i t is power cycled.

The details of the issue have not been fully described and tested...

In many cases, ifdown/ifup of an interface will re-establish a connection. Cable modems can be a bit of a different situation if the router is presenting a different MAC address when it reboots -- in that case, yes, you will need to reboot the cable modem as well since it will need to clear the learned MAC and bind to a new one. The router shouldn't really be doing this under normal circumstances, though. One possible reason that this could happen is if the internal switch is initialized in such a way as to 'leak' as a dumb switch with all ports on a single VLAN until the wan port is 'isolated' from the rest of the ports.

Have you tested the ifdown/ifup process to see if it helps?

In any case, though, the router itself cannot do anything to reboot your cable modem. You'll need a 'smart plug' or 'smart power strip' (presumably one that uses ethernet, possibly also with a static IP option so you don't have to wait for wifi + dhcp to come up on your router). You can have it cycle the outlet either when it detects a loss of internet connectivity or trigger it via a command that is issued at the end of the boot sequence of your router (i.e. in rc.local). For the latter option, there will need to be an HTTP REST command or similar API that you can send from the router. For the former, you may be able to find a device that is specifically designed for this purpose -- here's an example (but only relevant if you have a Unifi gateway + AP -- showing for inspiration).

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Coincidentally, I'm currently in the market for one of these as I'm finding it... challenging to manage 48 separate Tasmota plugs without headaches.

I can easily find datacentre power strips with Ethernet for remote monitoring and control, but they're priced for datacentre budgets.

I can also find cheap "remote control" 4-way / 6-way power strips at domestic prices, but they either use IR, some proprietary RF, or Wi-Fi.

What I haven't been able to find is the unicorn which combines Ethernet monitoring and control and affordable pricing. In this case "affordable" goes up to low three figures, but not high three figures or even four.

Any suggestions of particular manufacturers to look at?

Answering my own question, it appears the magic Google search terms I needed were "ip managed pdu" or "managed switched pdu". Suddenly I can find loads of choices, at varying price points, and some of the more expensive ones seem to be available on eBay for prices I'm willing to pay.