Reboot doesn't work

Hi, my Fritzbox 4020 with OpenWRT has been running with no problems for a few months, however I've now noticed something weird, the "Reboot" command on the Luci interface doesn't work anymore.
I click on "Perform Reboot" and nothing happens, I jut get the "Rebooting…Waiting for device..." message while the router stays on.
Another weird thing is that if I send the "Reboot" command via SSH or with the "Custom commands" package it doesnt' work either. The only thing that seemed to work is the "reboot -f" command via SSH.

Another weird thing, the "Netdata" package appears to be malfunctioning, it ran without issues at the beginning but now sometimes it just stops working and I have to reboot it manually, could it be correlated? I don't think so, but I'm pointing it out anyway.