Reboot command fail

Hi every one.
I'm using HLK-7628 module with openwrt system.When i use version 19.07 and i execute reboot command everything works fine. but when i use openwrt version 21.02 i will get "reboot: Restarting system" in console but the module hangs and don't run bootloader or anything.
Can any one help me ?

same chip ? ZBT we826-32m no reboot

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Same experience with my youku-k1 router. It's a well known bug but there is no fix yet. Hopefully with more complaints like yours the developers will prioritize the fix.

The new 21.02 firmware had some nice new features but remotely rebooting my router without having to walk up to the router every time I want to reboot is not enough for me to migrate until the fix is released. I am sticking with 19.07 and suggest you do the same.

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I found the solution in openwrt bug reports.
you just need to add a command in dts file.

file="mt7628an_hilink-7628n.dts" found in "openwrt-21.02/target/linux/ramips/dts"

after spi-max-frequency = <10000000>;
add in line 55 broken-flash-reset;

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