Realtime Graphs for Wireless S/N and Phy Rate are blank if interface is renamed

I have two TP-Link Archer C7 routers (a v2 and a v5) running 19.07. One is configured as a Wireless Access Point and the other as a bridge/repeater.

After initial problems with wireless performance (resolved by reverting to the ‘driver default’ Country Code), these are now working well and I feel increasingly comfortable with OpenWRT..

There are six wireless interfaces on each unit, three for 2.4Ghz and three for 5Gz so I decided to “Override default interface name” rather than relying on the order in which the interfaces are configured to work out which is which.

The problem is that the Realtime Graphs for ‘S/N’ and ‘Phy Rate’ are completely blank for all wireless interfaces. Reverting to the default interface name makes the ‘S/N’ and ‘Phy rate’ graphs appear as normal.

The Realtime Graphs for ‘Traffic’ work as expected with both the default and user specified interface names so I suspect this is a bug. I just wanted to sanity check that I wasn’t doing something stupid or expecting something unreasonable before trying to submit a bug report.

As a new OpenWRT user, thanks to everybody for making 19.07 a great release and enabling me to breathe new life into these devices.

Hi @PhilTheHill

this indeed is a bug in LuCI. It only recognized interfaces starting with wl, ath or wlan as wireless ones so far which prevented it from displaying stats for your renamed interfaces. I just pushed fixes for that so that it will be corrected when 19.07.1 is released.

You should also be able to receive the fixes by using opkg update; opkg upgrade luci-mod-status within the next one or two days.

Hi @jow

Thanks for the quick response to this query and I'll lookout for the updated package. I'm still testing this setup so will try and test it and report back promptly.