Realtime graphs all empty, no data on new GL-B1300

I am setting up B1300 for the first time so far everything looks okay however all of my Reatime graphs are empty for everything (Load, Traffic, Wireless, Connections)

For example:

1 Minute Load: 0
Inbound: 0 kbit/s (0 kB/s)
Signal: 0 dBm
TCP: 0

On the Network->Interfaces page, I can see the total RX/TX increasing under LAN and WAN:

Uptime: 2h 46m 36s
MAC-Address: x.x.x.x.x.x
RX: 1.16 GB (2499475 Pkts.)
TX: 100.83 MB (1403069 Pkts.)
IPv4: x.x.x.x/24

So it is being monitored but all the graphs on Status->Realtime graphs are completely empty.

Under Status->System Log I do not see any errors.

This is using a new GL.iNet BL1300 router with the factory installed image:

Powered by LuCI allpkg branch (git-18.315.33550-0179119) / OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 r48067

Current Version
Compile Time
2020-12-07 15:24:12
Last Update

My setup is very simple:

Internet->ISP Modem/Gateway (LAN PORT1)->GL-B1300 (WAN Interface "eth0")
-This port is configured with a static address on both sides.

Everything else seems to be working fine, Is there a monitoring service or something I need to do to enable this data?

Thank you.

15.05 is a very old and unsupported version, most likely a vendor SDK rather than ‘real openwrt.

Upgrade to at least 19.07 or request support from the vendor for their old code.

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This is a gl.inet firmware, not an official OpenWRT release, ask gl.inet for support ...

Or replace the firmware

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Stock firmware upgrade released 1/26/2022...

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Thanks I upgraded, same issue.

I am a little confused by these comments. If I do a cat /etc/banner I get:

For those about to rock... (Chaos Calmer, e7067e3+r49254) 15.05.1

Is this a real openwrt version or is this an SDK? I thought GL.iNet released their hardware with the real openwrt code but just added an extra web interface. There is a webpage on this site stating something to this effect. I bought this router specifically because I wanted to support companies that support open source.

I understand the part about the old version. How long are openwrt versions supported for?

I think my problem may not be the firmware version but the network setup.

I am connecting my router WAN port to a LAN port 1 on the ISP router. I cannot put the ISP router in bridge mode as the configuration is locked down. I believe this means I have double NAT situation. Functionally everything else including port forwarding is working except these charts.

Considering this setup setup, is it possible to gather data and display these charts or is this not possible at all with a double NAT setup? I can see the total RX,TX on the Interfaces page for the WAN interface but all of the Realtime Graphs are empty.

Is there a configuration or service someone can point me to that handles these graphs so I can get them looking at the data on the WAN interface?

I am not adverse to installing the 'real' openwrt, in fact the plan is to learn openwrt and upgrade to the current version but I an still learning.

I believe they submit patches / PRs for their own devices, if that counts as supporting openwrt then ok…

15.05 is from 2015. It’s been used as the bases of Qualcomm and Mediatek sdks, this gives basically nothing to openwrt as the sdks are loaded with binary blobs that cannot be used with current kernels.

Whether the image you have was built with an sdk would be clear in the gpl source for your router.

Openwrt releases are supported as current main version-1, so 21.02 and 19.07 are currently in support.

Thanks for this info. Which companies actively support openwrt and have devices that can be used with current kernels?

Your device is supported by Openwrt's most recent release - 21.02, link have already been provided.

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