Realtek usb wifi 6e rtl8852cu

I came across this usb wifi 6e from realtek with the driver on this repo

Is anyone planning to incorporate support for openwrt? not happening, unless you want to do it yourself, and keep maintaining it for all future releases.

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I will report to morrownr but his webpage is wrong ... it does work ootb with AX using the repo i noted above

He's not wrong, if you need the repository, in addition to mainline kernel, it's hardly ootb.

The divide between the vendor drivers and mainline support is particularly large for realtek/ reasil (usb-) devices. While these vendor drivers are GPLv2 licensed and 'free', they are extremely convoluted, containing layers upon layers of indirections and basically come with their own kernel 2.6.16-era fork of a ieee80211-softmac wlan stack with a bolted-on nl80211 interface emulation and non-nl80211 AP mode interfaces that require an ancient patched hostapd instance. This unified vendor driver (which also contains most parts of their Windows- and MacOS drivers via these levels of indirections) is just a dead end, cleaning them up is basically impossible - at best you can use them as reference for writing new drivers from scratch. Larry Finger does his best to keep them 'functional' against modern kernels, but none of this helps towards getting usable mainline drivers for this hardware.

As-is, the situation for this hardware and the driver support are utter garbage and unsupported/ unsupportable when it comes to mainline or OpenWrt.


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