Real-Time Updating Dumb AP Associated Stations!

Were you aware that WDS clients (wifi extender) get the hostnames (and ip-addresses) with no extra configuration?

As of 23.05, I'm seeing all and only the clients associated with the WAP... not "all DHCP leases" as you describe.
I also see non-static leases appear with only their IP address (no hostname)

FWIW, I was running it with synched /etc/ethers across all APs and main router, but have since emptied out all the ethers files in the APs and it still works fine.

Maybe something has changed in 23.nn
Until now only 22.nn firmware here ...

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FWIW, I’ve gone with the DHCP hotplug based approach as well, but it can be very “chatty” at times. So in order to not re-send duplicate data for every DHCP hotplug event, I accounted for it with a script I posted here:

Hotplug scripts are sourced and therefore do not need to be executable. This step is not needed, nor recommended.