Read-only mode

Dear sirs and ladies. Does OpenWRT have a read-only mode/ os?

Thank you.

You could add ro as kernel param.
Not sure of the result from an openwrt point of view though.

Do you want a read only user login?
I don’t think there is a system read only since the system continuously writes to some files to make it work.

A script could make it rw and then change it back to ro. Like voyage mpd. Isn’t that much safer?

All consumer electronics are ro?

If the router stops working suddenly or someone cuts its power. The systems all good bye …?

Thank you.

Power-off usually causes no problems.

From flash usage perspective OpenWrt is pretty much like a read-only system during normal operations.

With default settings, nothing is written to the flash when the router is running. All temporary files are written to ramdisk. (exception: During the boot process, one random init data file is written once, so that the next boot process has different initial randomness.)

Settings are naturally written to the flash if you change settings from the management GUI, but that is intentional.

(Of course, if you install extra add-on apps that cause disk activity, then the situation changes.)

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Thank you. Sirs. Does this mean the system is read-only?