Read a NTFS disk in read+write mode

Wiki says that mount command allows to mount a NTFS disk/partition in read only mode, and that ntfs-3g command is needed to mount it in read/write mode.

Moreover, it says that:

For OpenWrt to be able to mount it automatically:
ln -s /usr/bin/ntfs-3g /sbin/mount.ntfs

Well, I built such symbolic link.

Indeed, when I mount my NTFS disk by mount command using the shell, I can access it in read/write mode.
But when I mount it by the Mount attached devices button in System > Mount Points, it is mounted in read only mode.


Here below the screenshot showing how the disk appears in my mount points list.

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Same mount point permissions on both occasions?

What does you mean with "mount point permissions"?

In System > Mount Points, I've set up rw as option. When I mount using the shell, I specify -o -rw.

the directory used for mounting, what permissions does it have ?

# ls -ld /mnt/usb3
drwxrwxrwx    1 root     root         16384 Jul  3 18:06 /mnt/usb3
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I have the same problem with openwrt 21 but I remember on version 19 a haven't had the problem.
Have you checked fstab if it has rw option for this mount?