Read a Data from the external USB device

Hello everyone,
I have OpenWrt 19.07 running on Omega2s.

I have a device which provides the JSON file as USB out.

I wanna connect this device to Omega and read the JSON file then push it to a server.

How can I access my external device through the USB port as a serial device to read the data from an external device?

I am planning to write a python script for the above job. If so where should I add this python script?

Thanks in advance.

kmod-usb-serial will provide the generic linux usbserial driver.

without knowing the device and what linux kernel module supports it impossible to say if that will cover it but it is pretty unlikely.

but you can install the usbserial driver (will be dependency of most usbserial device drivers regardless) and check the dmesg for creation of the device node (ie /dev/ttyUSB0). if nothing happens in dmesg on connect you should research for the correct kernel driver for the device by manufacturer and product id numbers (available in lsusb will look like 067b:2303). then check if opkg has the module available for. list of kernel modules at:

edit: forgot to mention lsusb is in usbutils package

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