Reach network on the wan port


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I have updated my two routers from Barrier Breaker to Lede 17.01.4 and now I want to restore my old functionality. In the cellar I have a plain cable router ( from the internet provider. This router is closed for me, I only have very little settings available in the web interface. Several other IP devices are connected via cat5 cable to this router. They have addresses in the network.

In the ground floor is my main Lede wlan router ( with several computers in the network. On the wan interface is a cable directed to the cellar router. Default route is set to the cellar router and the internet is reachable. My problem is that I cant reach the devices in the 0 network from the computers in the 1 network anymore. It worked before the update! If I do a traceroute on, I can see that the lede router sends the packets to the cellar router and from there to another router in the internet!? I thought private addresses won't be routed in the internet? But that's a problem of the internet provider. So how can I configure the lede router that I can reach the 0 network devices from the computers in the 1 network?

In my opinion I have to add a source nat entry in the luci->network->firewall menu:
"Any traffic" "From any host in lan" "To IP range in wan" "Rewrite to source IP". Where is the static IP on the lede router wan port. But it does not work! If I do a traceroute on, the first hop is the lede router and then says "Destination host unreachable.".

If I change the IP of my laptop from to, then I can connected through the lede router to the devices in the cellar. But I want to have the networks separated.

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From Luci goto Network=>Static Routes and add a route for the network with the gateway set to

You may also have to setup a static route on your cable modem to route to whatever the wan address of your lede router is.

If you haven't already a setup a static ip address for lede wan interface (preferable from the DHCP settings of the cable modem)

Edit: It worked, I made an error in the routing table of my laptop. I tried a local solution with a OpenWRT VM as a translator between the 0 and the 1 net. There were still routes for the 0 net through the VM.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are your really want double nat? Why not disabling dhcp on lede/openwrt router and plug the cable from the main router in a lan port of your secondary router?
If you run out of ports on your secondary router, you could also add the wan port to the lan...

You mean only one network where all devices are included. I have full control over my lede router, I can see the firewall rules, make log entries for specific events, etc.
The router from the internet provider consists only of a simple web interface, where I can only enable/disable a firewall, modem reset, frequency settings, etc.
I would like to stay with my solution :slight_smile: