RE450 V2 Snapshot

Hi everyone, the RE450 V2 repeater development is in snapshot. Question: Can I do something (other than programming) to speed up the release? I have this device and I would like to try OpenWRT (possibly without bricking it up) . I think Gargoyle is already out.


Probably not. If it was merged to master before 19.07 got branched, it will hopefully be in 19.07

If it was merged into master later, I don't know what the policy is on backporting new devices is. I'm guessing you might have to either run from master builds or wait for the next stable release.

If it's merged there's not much more you can do. If it's not merged, then you may or may not be able to assist the maintainer with testing use cases that aren't typical for them in order to help it towards getting merged.

generate a firmware image using the snapshot/master Image Builder
You will need a Linux VM to run it, but it's easier to use than compiling, as it is just assembling the image from compiled packages online.

Hello , any news about firmware develop for this device? I have one and i want to install into it but i wait for the stable LuCi . When the release of 19.07?

Thank you!

“Someday” If in your shoes I’d be using a snapshot. Latest code and almost always just as “stable” as a formal release.

19.07 will probably happen next year if we are lucky.

Ok i will wait for this. Thanks.