RE450 re-installing original firmware

I’ve installed Openwrt on my tplink re450, without knowing what it is and how to operate it. I couldn’t find a clear way of removing this and re-installing the original frimware. Any help? :pensive:


OK now that you have already installed OpenWrt, why don't you give it a try before removing it? Maybe you will like it and the functionality it adds.

Thank you. :grin:

I couldn’t figure how to set it up, my range extender used to extend my 2ghz router as a 5ghz, unfortunately, couldn’t figure how to do the same setup nor a normal extended network connection either. It just shows as a OpenWrt on my wifi list.

You can download a package called travelmate,. Though, in this setup, devices connected to the extender are on a different subnet.

If you want clients of the RE450 to be on the subnet as the main network, then you can use package relayd or trelay.

The are several topic on the forum and also resources on the wiki about that.

It goes without saying that extending a 2.4 GHz WiFi with a 5 GHz WiFi, the bottleneck will be the slowest of the two (likely the 2.4 GHz), except for correction between two devices that are connected directly to the fastest WiFi.

Do you want to

  • go back to stock firmware OR -> discuss in this topic
  • make wifi work? -> open new topic

If your usage case only needs the functions of stock firmware, it makes sense to run stock firmware. The OpenWrt device wiki page on this unit is very sparse, but most TP-Link devices have a similar TFTP recovery system. That is usually the best way to re-install stock firmware.

Well if it’s possible to restore my stock frimware it’d be great. I just couldn't figure out the OpenWrt and I’m short on time to figure everything out at the moment

Can you link me a guide on this TFTP recovery system?

This is for a different model, but if it has the standard system the only difference will be the file name.
Basically you're going to run a TFTP server on your PC. If it's a Windows PC the most popular program is tftpd32. Then you hold down the reset button on the router while turning the power on. This causes it to look for a TFTP server on the Ethernet port, pull in the firmware file, and flash it.
Important points are you must set the PC to a static IP of with a netmask of, and turn off the Windows Firewall and any third-party firewalls to allow the tftpd32 server to work.

I’ll try it out, thank you!

Any luck bro ?

Hello, I don’t honestly remember, as it was a year ago. But I think I couldn’t figure it out as I was busy with other stuff, and had no time to understand and learn the whole OpenWrt capabilities nor how to set it up, and bought a new extender. Sorry :neutral_face:

Have you followed the instructions in RE450 re-installing original firmware ?