RE305 v3 repeater setup

This is my final attempt, I am trying one last time

I am now using WPA3-SAE for the STA with seems to make it more stable

The RE305 is connected to the RE450 like before

80MHz STA channel 116 DFS

only issue is the speed

866Mbps on the STA according the openwrt

Edit: also had some issues with no internet connection from the access point part and clients getting an IP but then having to wait a few minutes for the gateway

Don't use DFS channels for links of this sort. By design, they may shut down if the AP or STA "hears" the right type of interference. They then have a defined amount of time before they restart.

we went over this last time, to get the speed needed, I need to use DFS
there is not a signal channel the is free for non-DFS

according to what I remember, that defined amount of time should be 30 minutes, and that is not the case here

its going offline under load

and like I said in my other post, I think ethernet from the pi 4 is going to give me better stability, but that can go down under load as well

It's 10 minutes at startup and then once every 24 hours, and 30 minutes for the affected channel on each radar event. It's simply not reliable for uplinks.

I will have to find a non DFS because it keeps coming back to this, but the only free channel is 44, 80MHz is the full non-DFS area isn't it

I did a online course on these things, and can't remember much about channel selection

let me attach a screenshot of Wifi analyzer on android
the day I want it to put up every it only picks up my APs

moved the RE450 to channel 44

I have strange speed issues again download is terrible, but upload seems good
non are where they was with DFS though
my iPhone got about 80 down 140 up
my android tablet got

ISP router gives around 200-210Mbps download and upload

That fixed the stability problems with the RE305 as well
getting around 110Mbps, am I just going to have to live with that or can things be improved and further
my ideal target is 200Mbps

Sorry, but I am losing my patience now
Haven’t speed tested for a while, last time it was about 100Mbps

Sorry but I did have to go back to DFS but reliability has been good

Without DFS, it’s pointless having fibre, the speed was too low(30Mbps)

Like I have said my idea target is 200Mbps, if possible

today the connected clients lost connection