RE200 no space left on device

So I just installed openwrt on my re200 specifically for onemesh networking however I'm unable to install a single package like wpad-mesh-* because there is only 50kb free space.

How to work around this?

Create a slimmed down image using the online image builder.


Go to OpenWrt Firmware Selector and build custom image with wpad-mesh .This method will save some precious space.

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Thanks guys. Before I do that I want to setup the RE200 as a wifi client only. And use it like an Ethernet bridge but with IPv6 as well on the same subnet as my WAP. What package can I use to do just that? It seems relayd only supports IPv4?

Do the clients need ipv6, or the device itself?

The client is a STB that will only work with the free subscription packages like Netflix if the DHCP handout is from the FTTH router of my ISP.

Doesn't answer the question thought.

Why are using openwrt in first place?
Anyways, I believe you can run ordinary access point bridged into ISP router's lan network.
In this configuration you can remove ipv6 related packages to save up some space.

Won't let you run 802.11r though, I guess.

Why not? Access point functionality is should not be affected

Does the stock fw support 802.11r?

I meant using openwrt, but without routing packages. 802.11r needs wpad package