RE200 like Wi-Fi repeater recommendations?

The small form-factor and fairly attractive plug-in TP-LINK RE200 is supposedly supported by 21.02.0, but when I tested it the 5Ghz radio seemed very unstable.

Can anyone please provide a recommendation for wireless repeaters for wi-fi (WDS or mesh) ideally in the small plug-in form factor?

I use an RT3200 as primary router - another option would be to purchase another RT3200.

pretty much anything with (ideally) two radios can be used as a repeater, attach one radio to the source, use 2nd radio to (re)transmit.

But if you want something in the same format, check out the rest of TP-Links RE-series.

It's not that easy. Take the TP-LINK RE200. It seems like a great candidate for OpenWrt. OpenWrt states that it is supported in 21.02.0. Yet if you read through:

You see many complaints about 5Ghz Wi-Fi being unstable. I tried it and it was a disaster.

What I need is at least one confirmation of at least one RE200 form factor device working well in OpenWrt. Preferable more than one though.

Take a look at, you should find some devices with similar form factors there.

Thank you.

Any thoughts on the Netgear EX6120:

Would performance be better hooking up 2x RT3200 802.11ax instead?