Re-enable Editing Old Messages

Why editing old messages disabled in forum. Thats too awful. We can't change our mistakes on previous posting. I posted a messages with misinformation. I need to edit it. But forum doesn't allow me to do that. That's to bad. This is a technology forum. Everything can be wrong time to time. We should be allowed to edit old messages.

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Depending on the user-level you have certain time to edit messages. This is to prevent spammers from editing old posts and adding their advertisement links without anyone noticing them immediately.

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This is not a solution. Just workaround. I'm not a spammer and I need to edit that post. There should be sms verification or something. Maybe not for every user. Just who wants to earn more level. If user still adding ads with sms verif. You can ban that number.

You are currently TL1 (Trust Level 1), and as such you can edit your postings for 24h.
Once you have reached TL2, you can edit your postings forever.


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