Rb941-2nd hap I install in ram and everything is ok, when I try to flash sysupgrade it returns to RouterOs

Two days ago I was trying to install an rb941-2nd hap from OpenWrt, it happens that after mounting the system in the ram memory it works fine, but then when I try to flash it it restarts or crashes and returns to the original system. It is worth explaining that I am not a programmer, I have a small network in Cuba and I would like to use it to balance with Mwan3, I have seen that it works very well. I would appreciate help with some method, modified firmware, patch or some other solution. Thanks in advance

without any error whatsoever ?

Yes, when I want to use sysupgrade it shows: "the upload image file does not contain a supported format. make sure that you choose the generic image format for you platform" I have seen that this problem is common, but I have not been able to find a solution. all versions show this same error. It is worth clarifying that it is not updated using putty via ssh, I have only tried through the openwrt interface

My modem has a lot of strange problems RB941-2nd might help.

I already checked that post. Unfortunately they did not find a solution. is there any way? What would it be like to force the sysupgrade.bin?

My modem has a lot of strange problems RB941-2nd - #4 by NPeca75 and an -F.

What would be the command from putty to be able to transfer the file to the tmp folder of the mikrotik

Also posted in the thread above, unless you use windows, then you'd be using winscp.

32 MB RAM just isn't supportable any more. Try using version 18 instead of 19. A load balancer can be run outside the firewall of a better router and considered an insecure part of the Internet.

Could you help me configure an internet balancer? I am very needy

That's kind of irrelevant, as long as you don't have Openwrt up and running, don't you think?

I have it installed on another TP link router, it just doesn't have enough storage to install the luci-app-mwan3 package. That's why I was trying it on the rb941-2nd which has a little more storage. I am also trying it on a Nanostation M2 xm, but for some reason, the network/switch menu does not install.