RB850Gx2 support possible?


Am wondering whether support for this board would be feasible (easy)?

Soc = P1023NSN5CFB

P1023 (e500-v2 Core)

Currently supported P1020 (e500 Core):

Switch chipset = AR8327
Storage Type = NAND
Storage Size = 512 MB

To be able to boot this device, a initramfs image has to be created to perform network boot formatted as an ELF image.

Am attempting to figure it out, trial-error mode. Hoping that the mpc85xx arch would work on this device.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

There is https://github.com/wsxarcher/routeros-linux-patch mikrotik "official" patches, but it's incomplete.

Thanks, it's indeed incomplete... can't find e500v2 / P1023 support at the link you specified.

Try write to mikrotik support and ask new kernel patch with support rb850gx2 and share it.