RB750Gr3 - Downgrade help needed


So I've reported a bug (pardon for not using the code tag in the bug tracker; too late now since I can't edit the bug report): https://bugs.openwrt.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=4018

Device: Mikrotik RB750Gr3
OpenWrt version: OpenWrt 21.02.0

I have a few questions (since there's no guarantee this bug will be addressed):

  1. Should I have kept 19.07.8 installed? I ask because it's been a few days and 19.07.8 is still listed as the stable release in the device page;
  2. What would be the safe procedure to downgrade (in case this bug is recurrent)? I had to use the -F option in sysupgrade (-n wasn't enough on its own) when upgrading from 19.07.8. Without -F I would get the "Image version mismatch. image 1.1 device 1.0 Please wipe config during upgrade (force required) or reinstall. Config cannot be migrated from swconfig to DSA Image check failed" message.

This bug has only happened once, and I can only hope it stays that way.

My fear is if I decide to downgrade I might brick my device in the process.

To be clear, I didn't restore the configuration backup from 19.07.8. I did everything by hand.