RB450Gx4 dataentry


The dataentry for RB450Gx4 that has been created today has issues:


  1. Brand (Mikrotik) not selected at time of dataentry creation, despite the form states quite clearly "Please select". I have corrected this now.

  1. Availability not correctly filled in. Please see the marked comments.
  2. Supported Since Commit missing
  3. Supported Current Rel: If this device is supported by official snapshot release, then where can I download it from http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ipq40xx/ ?
  4. Subtarget does not exist on http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ipq40xx/

  1. Device Page: Since RB450Gx4 has a different SoC than RB450G, I suggest to create a new devicepage for the RB450Gx4.
  2. Firmware OpenWrt snapshot install missing
  3. Firmware OpenWrt snapshot upgrade missing

Please correct all issues, in order to improve data quality and value for the user.

In case of questions, just let me know.



Regarding item 1, there wasn't a dropdown menu on the edit page, but I'm pretty sure I selected it on the first page when I went to create the page. However, when I noticed the omission, I manually entered MikroTik as the brand.
Regarding item 2, I misinterpreted the explanation, it became available in 2018 and is still available. I will correct this.
The device is currently supported on an unofficial work-in-progress branch based off the current snapshot in the linked forum post, patch submission pending, which fulfills the required "Interest available" requirement for adding the device into ToH.
I assume I should leave " First official release (i.e. not snapshot)" and " Current official release" blank, then?
I was going to create a new RB450Gx4 devicepage once the patches are finalised and submitted.

Hmmm... I just re-checked and it is there:

So be it, shit happens.
Just for your understanding of the issue: The dataentry obviously gets created in the wrong namespace, which in turn makes it disappear from the dataentry overview in /toh/mikrotik. Just changing the Brand afterwards in the form does not move the dataentry page itself.

Issue is resolved now, dataentry has been moved to the correct namespace.

OK, then that's only a naming issue. For such external builds, we use external image in Supported Current Rel. If there are community builds ready for downloading, you can add them in the snapshot URL fields.
Once you can download a working image from http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ipq40xx/, then you can set it to snapshot instead.

Leave the Supported Since Rel blank until there is an official release (e.g. 19.x) available.

Thumbs up for this and thanks for your contribution to the wiki! :slight_smile:

It is there, I remember selecting it (I noticed the mandatory asterisk), but for the life of me I can't explain how it became unselected. I must have reloaded the page or went back or something like that.

No community/external builds yet, just a branch which compiles, boots and can be installed, but the patches require some additional work. I'll update the page as the development progresses.

I know, now that I have played around with the form a bit :slight_smile:
Select Mikrotik in the dropdown, then
press the pos1/Home button on your keyboard -> the dropdown switches back to "Please select".

Shit happens :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks!