Ravpower wd009 bricked

I installed OpenWrt in my Ravpower wd009 and it seemed to work (snapshot, no Luci). I was unable to install Luci and in trying to restore the OEM firmware I bricked it for good. The system described to flash firmware (keep reset pressed while turning on the device) is not working as well. The power light turns on and that is pretty much it. Anyone knows if there is any other way to at least reinstall the OpenWrt snapshot?

Just saw this post..
Same thing happened to me on mine last year. Bricked.. Snapshot did not have webserver packaged in, this was not clear back then to set expectations. They have since updated Disclaimers and info before proceeding.

Was finally able to restore Original RavPower firmware.

How did you do that? I haven't been able to restore the original firmware despite many attempts.