RaspberryPi: How to build standard LEDE style (squashfs+overlay) image?

I like the read-only rootfs + modifications on separate partition scheme used by most OpenWrt/LEDE router targets very much because it is so much more reliable (flash wear) and deterministically updateable than a single writable filesystem.

So I would prefer to use LEDE on RaspberryPi this way, but unfortunately, the current LEDE build results in a ext4 writable rootfs quite similar to standard raspian.

  1. what were/are the reasons to choose single ext4 for raspberry pi rather than router style layout?
  2. is there a (clean) way to build LEDE for raspberry with r/o squasfs + small writable overlayfs partition?

The new build for Raspberry Pi already uses squashfs and overlay file system (use f2fs instead of traditional jffs2/ubifs)

How new would the build need to be?

I'm building OpenWrt 18.06.1 from scratch for RPi, which at least by default uses a FAT boot partition (as required by the RPi bootloader) plus a rw ext4 partition. I did not find any option to change that in menuconfig.

I also had a look at openwrt/master commits with "brcm" in the subject, but did not see any changes that would have indicated a change from ext4 to squashfs+f2fs. What am I missing?

18.06.0 includes fff0209

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