Raspberry pi4 no longer working

I updated from v20.02.0 (working) to v20.02.1 (not working). Everything seems to work with the exception of network. If the server you get "Welcome to nginx". However anything else and you get host error. I tried going back to v20.02.0 and now also nothing. Where do I start looking? Thanks.

I assume you mean v21.02.0 and v21.02.1?

Do you have keyboard and screen and can directly check on the Pi? Otherwise I suggest to plug the SD Card into a card reader and check /etc/config/

Yes my mistake, v21.02.0 & v21.02.1
I have a spare raspberry pi4, added old back up file and still nothing. I don't see a config file in /etc.
Surely it would be an issue with v21.02.1?

Probably not since you are the only one in this forum with this fault for this device since 21.02.1 was released. And if no one of your backups or SD card works anywhere it is probably not a firmware problem at all?

Mount the SDcard on another system and copy paste here the contents of:
/etc/config/network , /etc/config/firewall , /etc/config/dhcp

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I have typed in manualy my IP number and it works. What'll happen when it gets changed is anybodies guess. I haven't had to do this is 11 months and it changes on regular basis.

If you did a squashfs sysupgrade, you likely triggered a bug:

Does RaspberryPi even have hardware support to write its own firmware to the SD card installed?

RaspberryPi foundation expect the user to rewrite the SD card in a PC.

Perhaps for Raspberry Pi OS etc - OpenWRT does things differently

The card is fully supported as a block device and any Linux can write fully to it, either by mounting partitions or direct imaging.

So this card is very vulnerable to hacking?