Raspberry pi4 2.5gbps ethernet adapter?

1.4, do you mean 1.4Gbps? You probably need to have packet steering or IRQ balancing to make use of more CPU cores to get higher speed, also I don't know how fast your ISP router is so I can't comment, but you can test without any adblocking first, in fact DNS queries shouldn't make your internet speed slowing down.

And yes of course you can make your Pi as adblock tool only, go for PiHole, but it would be a waste of this little thing, I am using 1st gen Pi 1B for adblock on my 10G internet.

I'm using 2.5gbps...

Get only 1.4gbps but cpu is still not used completely, packet steering and irq are enabled.

So i was thinking on using it on something like pihole without dhcp to see if i would get more speed like that....

So how did you test? Connecting another machine at WAN side and perform iperf test? Or just speedtest.net? The former one is more accurate, later one can be limited by ISP speed.

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i did speedtest because when i connect the cable directly i get 2300 but when i'm with pi as router and bridge mode then i get 1400.

Then probably it's the limit of the Cortex A72, you probably need to get at least something like NanoPi R6S (RK3588, Cortex A76) or x86 for 2.5G speed.

YEah but how if cpu isn't full load? Neither is memory!

Also lets suppose this is the problem, then if i use it solely as dns that shouldn't drop my speed right so on that case how do i get something similar to a pi hole with openwrt ?

Maybe something wrong with drivers?

How can this be a limitation if cpu and ram are all good and green at the moment?

You need to check the htop when you are hitting the limit to see whether any core getting full, it could be the workload unable to distribute across multi cores.

And then how about IRQ? Are both USB NIC IRQ going to same core?

On the internet I've seen some bloggers that they are getting enough 2.5G x 1 (for download only) by overclocking, or using Jumbo Frame, however using 2 is really a challenge.

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Yeah so all cores are distributed, Irq balance is enabled.

When on full speed cpu goes to a max of 30% of usage nothing more than that!

My upload is only 500mb, download is 2.5gbps.

I did set MTU to 9000 but still nothing. same result. weird.

Fun enough on Htop i see different, so core 0 goes full while the others wont, how do i distribute it better?

IRQ balance is enabled..