Raspberry Pi Zero W - OpenWrt is not starting

Hi, I got myself a RPi Zero W in order to make a simple travel router, but I'm having no luck getting it to boot OpenWRT.
I have tried a number of releases (for example openwrt-19.07.8-brcm2708-bcm2708-rpi-ext4-factory.img.gz).
I have connected a screen so I can see that it is booting, but then it gets stuck on a line saying:
"kmodloaded: done loading kernel modules from /etc7modules.d/*" and then nothing happens.
Any ideas?

If I install Raspbian on it it boots ok, so the rpi itself works.

it's booted fine... either connect a keyboard and mouse... unplug the sd and hand edit the wireless settings or whatever config you want...

it's a 'default-networkless' device so it's unusual for openwrt -> likely assumes you know about adding drivers / compiling your own images / editing configs...

way too much for a single answer but i'm sure there are a few posts on the forum or www-blogs about how people have done this...


the section about usb adapters and OTG used to be/have some zero specific stuff there... so look at the history... but still requires a fair but of manual messing around


I found a keyboard and activated radio0 and I can now see it. Thanks!

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