Raspberry Pi Zero W AP+STA mode

i found a github repo and tested on rasbian. never bothered using openwrt Even the full Debian version was still unstable

Thomas J Munn

oh yeah, i've gotten it up and running on raspbian already :expressionless: I dont think I had that overheating problem, but I suppose I didnt have it up for too long.

If anyone is interested, i followed this to get it working with raspbian https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/87504/raspberry-pi-zero-w-as-a-wifi-repeater

Still, a big part of my project is having a nice web interface, which is what is pushing me to OpenWRT

You can use an ath9k Wi-Fi. However it almost makes more sense to just use the zero since the Wi-Fi on the zero-W is useless