Raspberry PI with SPI and ENC28J60

I have download and compile the source code of LEDE/OpenWRT in order to make it work with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2, but I can't manage to make the SPI work with a ENC28J60 Ethernet module, under raspbian it does work okay but on openwrt I just can't figure it out!

in order to make it work with raspbian I've followed the next tutorial

here is my configuration on the kernel

the question is... what am I doing wrong?

You must modifie the kernel via overlay. But no idea if it exist now for openwrt.

And them you must build your own makefile for the kernel mudule because it is in the kernelsource but not in the openwrt makefile. For a long time i had the same problem:

Thank you!

I'll see how to do this

I was unable to compile, can you help?

finally I made it!

long story short, after a few beers and a lot of thinking work I manage to get a clue from an error message

has a dependency on 'kmod-spi-bcm2708', which does not exist

then I modify ~/openwrt/package/kernel/enc28j60/Makefile the next line


for this one


then the eth1 apears and works nice!

thanks for the patch and the hint I will keep it on my book of tricks

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