Raspberry Pi + "Wireless is not associated" on second SSID

Device: Raspberry PI 5
Firmware: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r26870-4a2f712f85

I am trying to set up a second SSID (for type guest access), but when I create the second SSID it has a status of "Wireless is not associated".

I have made sure the country, channel, mode and width is the same, as suggested on some other threads.

In fact, the second I press 'Add' on the radio it gives me this error, but even trying to create it.

The first SSID work fine, its any subsequent SSIDs that fail with this error.

Unless you are not supposed to create multiple SSID on the Raspberry PI?

The raspberry pi wifi chip is not capable of running more than one concurrent SSID. It is a limitation of the chipset itself.

To do this, you will need either a normal AP (i.e. another device that connects by ethernet to your Pi to broadcast multiple SSIDs) or a USB-wifi adapter that supports AP mode (and has drivers for OpenWrt).

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I thought that might be the case..

I do have other APs that will serve the WIFI needs in the house, It was mainly to test a few things before I attempt on making VLANs, etc..

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