Raspberry Pi Samba share problem

Hello all i own a Linksys WRT1900ACS and installed 18.06.0 the other day and everything is working ok other than i can't access a Samba share from a Raspberry Pi running Openmediavault the Pi's icon shows up within the Windows 10 network but i can't access the folders (network path not found) the strange thing is i also own a Asus 86u and with the same setup i can access the folders so was wondering if something within OpenWRT is blocking access

Generally, no, OpenWRT will not be directly responsible for the issue. That is, of course, assuming you are running a single subnet. Switched networks are not filtered by firewall rules on the router.

However, if you are using wireless, it is possible that host isolation is enabled on your OpenWRT router, and that would certainly cause this type of situation.

Other things that could affect this would be a change in the IP address of your Pi, or internal network host and domain names and the resolution of that info.

Cheers for the info just find it odd where it works fine on one router and not the other with the same settings