Raspberry pi b+ wireless access point behind pfSense router

I installed lede-17.01.0-rc2-r3131-42f3c1f-brcm2708 to one my of raspberry pi b+s and i am planning to use it as wireless access point behind a pfSense router. I successfully installed kmod-rtl8192cu, dependencies and hostapd for the USB wifi dongle (Edimax) and it seems device is working fine.

question I would like to ask it, do i need to make changes Interfaces>general setup, advanced settings, physical settings, firewall settings? It seems some of the default settings are designed to work as a router, not wireless access point.

Similarly, do I need to update settings under DHCP and DNS, Hostnames, Firewall?

For example, I disabled "Authoritative:This is the only DHCP in the local network" because pfSense is the only DHCP in the LAN.

I found this, https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/dumbap but not sure it is updated and comprehensive