Raspberry PI B+ not booting 18.06.2

HI I have Raspberry PI B+ ( Boardcom BCM2837B0) , so I tried to boot by following tutorial but nothing happened, my board is it no IP address shown for pi,I used this image to burn using Etcher but nothing works. What wrong I have done?

I'm pretty sure you need a master snapshot (or the upcoming 19.07~) for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ to work, as it was too new for the 18.06.x release to support it. Just like the RPi 4 isn't supported by OpenWrt yet (meaning it won't be supported in 19.07.x).


Thanks I tried with this it worked though can not access luci interface.

LuCI is not included in snapshot image. To use it, you need to install it by opkg.

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