Raspberry Pi 4B OpenWrt as a VDSL bridge/router

I'm a total n00b with OpenWrt so please try to understand me :slightly_smiling_face: At the moment I have VDSL2 connection and I use it with following combo:
All-in-one -VDSL2 router set as a bridge + Raspberry Pi 4B 8Gb with OpenWrt (wulfy23's image) + TP-Link UE300 usb ethernet adapter + Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LITE. This works pretty much flawlessly, but I would like to know is it possible to configure OpenWrt so that it will replace that all-in-one -VDSL2 router? It would mean one less device and much more neater setup.

If this kind of configuration is possible to do how do I do it using Luci UI? What kind of interfaces I have to do, how about the firewall etc. Pardon my ignorance.

There is no hardware in the Pi to modulate / demodulate DSL signals. You need a modem. Using the ISP supplied modem configured as a bridge is usually the best performance. Though you don't control the firmware in the modem, it is on the untrusted side of the OpenWrt firewall so it can be considered an untrusted thing that is part of the Internet.


To add to this, pure DSL modems pretty much disappeared from the market and essentially all devices are full routers (often even wifi routers) but a number of them can be configured to bridge the DSL interface with one (or more ) ethernet ports and hence can just be used as a dumb modem with a fancy OS and GUI (can be nice to visualize DSL connection statistics).


Thank you @mk24 and @moeller0 for you answers! I hoped that there would be a some kind of silver bullet that solves this problem. I was confused with all of these modulation and network acronyms and I was looking forward for some kind of simple PPPoE solution :laughing:

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