Raspberry Pi 4B - No WiFi Driver after upgrade to 23.05.0 with attended sysupgrades package

Hello everyone,

I'm using an Raspberry Pi 4B with OpenWRT 22.03.5 as my main router behind a modem. Today, I decided to give OpenWRT 23.05.0 a chance, but I didn't want to install all additional packages manually again.

So I was using the attended sysupgrade package in OpenWRT 22.03.5. After a few errors in generating the image, I replaced the wolfssl packages with the mbedtls packages and removed the old rpi4-nvram package from 22.03.5 in the package selector.

So the Image was at least successfully created and I could install the upgrade.

When checking the configuration after installing the upgrade, I found out, that the WiFi driver wasn't installed with the upgrade, so I have no WiFi Access in the Pi's near environment.

Any ideas, which package to install?

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from the list of https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=23.05.0&target=bcm27xx%2Fbcm2711&id=rpi-4

base-files bcm27xx-gpu-fw brcmfmac-nvram-43455-sdio busybox ca-bundle cypress-firmware-43455-sdio dnsmasq dropbear e2fsprogs firewall4 fstools iwinfo kmod-brcmfmac kmod-fs-vfat kmod-nft-offload kmod-nls-cp437 kmod-nls-iso8859-1 kmod-r8169 kmod-sound-arm-bcm2835 kmod-sound-core kmod-usb-hid kmod-usb-net-lan78xx libc libgcc libustream-mbedtls logd luci mkf2fs mtd netifd nftables odhcp6c odhcpd-ipv6only opkg partx-utils ppp ppp-mod-pppoe procd procd-seccomp procd-ujail uci uclient-fetch urandom-seed wpad-basic-mbedtls

are the 2 bold marked ones installed?

Hi Pico,

that's it! The kmod-brcmfmac package was already installed, the brcmfmac-nvram-43455-sdio was not!

Just installed the missing package, WiFi-Adapter is now active.

Will check the correct functionality, when I'm in the cellar the next time.

Thanks for the tip!

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