Raspberry Pi 4

Since couple of days now, I looked through this forum to find a solution for our router issues.

Its constantly dropping out, probably due to perfomance issues.

I like to create something new, and consider the Raspberry Pi for it.

So, so far as I know can it be used as Router - and not as Modem or AP.

I use the old Router as AP, or just some other similar device.

But what to use for the DSL Modem?


Why not bridge the ISP's DSL router/modem to the Pi 4.

Turn off DHCP, wireless, and the firewall on the ISP device, and let the Pi 4 do that work.

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So, using the original Router as modem, and then into the PI, handle routing, firewall and DHCP there, and then go back into the Router from before?

That sounds like a heck load to configure.
I also like to run NextCloud next to it, by the way.

Not difficult at all.

I ran a 3rd party router on OpenWrt with an ISP DSL device bridged (which made it a modem only) for several years before I had a fiber connection.

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