Raspberry pi 4 with OpenWRT


I’m wondering to create Wi-Fi router from Raspberry PI 4 and I want ask if it’s possible to install external Wi-Fi Adapter on it.If yes which Wi-Fi adapter should I buy? I need adapter with Wifi 6 Standard and at least 1 gbit speed.Thanks for advice:)

Do yourself a favour and 'outsource' the wireless side to better suited dedicated AP devices. The RPi4 can be a very performant (but expensive) wired-only router, but its wireless side us abysmal and USB wireless doesn't really improve the situation.

Around here, the D-Link DAP-X1860 (mt7621a+mt7915DBDC, 128/256) regularly ships for 15-20 EUR, that is cheaper than a single semi-decent USB wireless card and faster/ more reliable (it works very well with OpenWrt); there are several similar options in the rough price bracket (and obviously much better/ more expensive options).


Thanks for your reply, but I need something better.Any suggestions?

Better in what dimension?

Just need any router with faster wifi than 500mbit

That's not what was suggested.

Belkin RT3200 or Redmi AX6000 both use WiFi 6 and max out speed tests (>700 Mbps) on my wireless devices tested.

Reminds me of "Hey, can I get line rate speeds over wifi?"

"Yes - in a lab with radio-damping walls from three inches away."

The Banana Pi BPI-R3 is one of the best devices out there. For about a third more than than an AX6000 you get the same SoC but four times the RAM, 8GiB built-in emmc storage plus microsd card support, m.2 exandability, and 2.5GHz SFP support. It's one of the most future-proof devices out there. It supports hardware acceleration/WED (Wireless Ethernet Dispatch) and with that enabled its four-core 2GHz ARM64 SoC barely registers a flutter when it's routing gigabit from WAN-through-to-LAN.

It (like the AX6000) had only been supported by OpenWrt snapshot, but is now included in the new 23.05 release which is in release-candidate stage.

It is hands down the finest device I've used OpenWrt on.