Raspberry pi 4 model B + openwrt + raspberry pi camera V2


I'm quite newbie in Linux driver management.

Has anyone already been able to activate the raspberry pi camera V2 on raspberry pi 4 model B (v1.2) with openwrt ?

I'm not able to get the /dev/video0 node ... (but with the official raspiOS, it's ok)

I've added dtoverlay=imx219 to config.txt (when booting I get the following messages : [ 31.191345] imx219_vddl: disabling
[ 31.194773] imx219_vdig: disabling ... not sure why

I've tweaked the kernel_menuconfig and menuconfig in several ways, but without success ... I'm totally lost in the Linux configuration ...

What would be the good start ... ?

your help would be very appreciate, thanks, have a good day.

(also posted same message on the raspberry forum)


Hello Olivier,
I tried and successful with the following way:

# opkg update
# opkg install kmod-camera-bcm2835
# echo 'start_x=1' >> /boot/config.txt
# echo 'gpu_mem=128' >> /boot/config.txt
# reboot

After that, you may get /dev/video0 on your device!

# opkg update
# opkg install v4l-utils
# v4l2-ctl --list-devices
mmal service 16.1 (platform:bcm2835-v4l2-0):

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