Raspberry pi 4 latest stable release. bcm2709?


I was wondering if anyone has had any luck trying out the 19.07.3 release bcm2709 on the raspberry pi 4? According to openwrt (https://openwrt.org/toh/raspberry_pi_foundation/raspberry_pi) bcm2709 can be used for bcm2711 devices i.e. raspberry pi 4. I am currently using snapshot builds and I am finding it annoying when the kernels are out of date for the drivers I need. Did anyone try out the other firmwares 2708, 2709 or 2710? Am I supposed to compile my own image to avoid these issues?


rpi4 = bcm2711

yes, I tried once but then switched back to snapshots. Drivers are different.
I found using snapshots easy, I update to new version monthly using the standard way to upgrade, so far no any issue with it. I'd say stick with snapshots until stable version is released for 2711.

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I (accidentally) tried the snapshot version of bcm2709, and it worked, but the 19.x version did not. I'm using the snapshot version of bcm2711 now.

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snapshot worked ? = stable version . if u are waiting for one talk to u its 'stable' u need to wait ....