Raspberry Pi 4 Latest Snapshot USB Issue

Hi everyone,

First time posting here :slight_smile: I have been messing around with OpenWRT for a couple of months now and working towards getting a Pi4 powered home network up and running. I downloaded the relevant Pi4 image on 17/08 and that works fine. However, doing either a fresh install of the latest snapshot (from 5th Sept - 734a1b7fc8cc66a462aa513ef626db232322c2657028976d98d55d82e68f7245), or doing a sysupgrade on top of the August image results in my USB keyboard working. It is being recognised as I can see it being picked up when I unplug it and plug it back in, but no key presses are registered. I did not have any such issues with the August image and the keyboard still works fine with that image.

Any help would be very much appreciated!



Miniupnp , vsftpd , samba4 mk2fs partx-utils are down on bcm2711 snapshot

Oh ok - thanks. Any idea when they will be back up? Is there somewhere I can check the status of snapshot packages for future ref?

on faillogs i see /uuid.h missing :s for upnp samba4 and vsftp and more ..

for building with image buiuilder u need add repo for mk2fs partx .. whithout no build