Raspberry pi 4 eth sharing

In that case, use other firmware. The vendor's firmware is usually very well optimized for performance (often at the expense of other features and security, though). But I recall you tried that and still didn't achieve your goals... so what does that tell you?

Also, if you believe that OpenWrt is not capable, why are you still using it??

You have multiple threads where people have stuck with you for ~100 posts or more... I'd say that the community has given you more help than you possibly recognize.

I've also advised you to consider hiring a local home IT expert who can evaluate your configuration in-situ (including RF scans and the like). Again, you refuse to spend money to improve the situation, and the community here has exhausted basically every avenue aside from being there in person (and no, nobody here is going to visit your home).

Yes... good idea.

Your hardware + environmental factors are not capable of the speeds you desire. Period, End of story.

Sounds more like religion where faith is the primary element. The rest of us are talking about physics and hardware capabilities.

Have you tried to play a 4K video on a Commodore 64 or an Apple II, or an IBM XT? Won't work. Just like your situation. New hardware is required, or an entirely different approach (i.e. wires).

Yes. You need to start paying for new hardware. And with new hardware and vendor firmware, you can also get support.

Fine. But do it elsewhere.

That's not in scope here. Look elsewhere.

Give up. Save your energy and frustration and buy appropriate hardware.

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I know I was going to take a break but I want to answer this first, I will reply to everything is one post, this will be my last post,
I have an AP(RE450) wired into my crazy router raspberry pi system, that provides around 200-210Mbps

this setup is for a second AP, which is current a RE305 but will be replaced with a RE450, and I would like the speeds to match

that second AP would cover a backup server that is connected with WIFI
so I need as close to gigabit as possible really

I have tried, the vendor's firmware is bad as well, repeater mode, MAC spoofing causing IP address to change, causing no connection issues

because the firmware does the address spoofing, and the upstream link is apparently half duplex, causing half the speed, not my words that what the vendor said

because its the only forum that answers me
I have tried many options here not been mentioned
Raspberry pi forums, WOR project, here

they have given help that is not useful, and most of them post have turned into augments

my memory is not the best, I forget how many posts I have made, I did originally want just one post

I have said I am capable of doing this, I have does channel scans myself and worked out using DFS is my only option for speed, it holds up so if I am too close to East Midland Airport blame tp-link for allowing the hardware

being here in person would not help either

now I am going to leave it here

why does nobody understand my choice of words
wrong context of believe

even some modern hardware can not play 4K
I am too young to have owned any of them devices though, but weren't they all command line

If I use tp-link again, there will be no support, its terrible, but they fit my budget

I am just waiting for an idea to come to mind, I am 90% I will work out a solution without spending any money

I know its not, its what my solution will be though, if nobody knows of a driver, I will just have to learn to write one myself

I have unlimited energy for some reason 99% of the time
If I save it, I don't sleep
I think I can got for many days without sleep, but that is off topic now

I will update this thread if I find a solution

I have been writing this for about 40 minutes, where did the time go, it is a long post though

Well, on that note, and much like the other posts... this one has now outlived its usefulness.

Obviously you will probably continue to try to achieve your goals, despite all the advice from the community here telling you that it is just simply not going to work.

I am now closing this 100+ post thread because your problem will not be solved and there is no point in continuing this discussion. Please do not open a new thread with the same general topic/hardware as it will just clutter the forum, waste the time of the community, and have the same outcome as this one and your multiple previous threads.

I have gone with the advice given here and used powerline adapters, but they are limited to 100Mbps and never get anywhere near that(around 80Mbps), so I will upgrade them eventually

I do admit now this seems impossible

anyway proper solution will be tp-link AV1300 or AV2000 with should be capable of 200Mbps, but cost a lot more than I am willing to spend at the minute

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