Raspberry Pi 4 + 3.5"Touchscreen

I just wonder if I can install on my Raspberry 4 OpenWrt together with a 3.5" Touchscreen (and get it working :wink:

Main q: does http://www.lcdwiki.com/3.5inch_RPi_Display with the latest snapshots work? Or do I have to expect some obstacles?

define working...

Can I install the packages - and are they compatible with OpenWrt? Or do they cause 'incorrect' package dependiese

does the product page say its compatible with openwrt?

It mentions in the install procedure only Raspbian but don't know how much compatible the images for OpenWrt and Raspbian are. Therefore I'm asking to get more clarification.

typically, a hardware manufacturer states what operating systems a device(driver) will support.

if it does not mention openwrt ( or linux 4.19 / 5.4 src.tar.gz ), windows 100, osx pussycat... then that is not supported. you are welcome to get in touch with them to clarify though... be sure to update us of any development/s.

OK, so nobody might have a direct experience with it.