Raspberry Pi 3B+ OpenWrt 21.02.03

I downloaded OpenWrt 21.02.03 for Raspberry Pi 3B+
I can install it successfully.
I want it to be a wireless router (access point), and enable WPA2-EAP with TLS
with LuCI, I can configure WPA2-PSK, my phone can connect it.
but I cannot see the WPA2-EAP, related to 802.1X selection

Even if I may sound like a broken record at times, the RPi3 is not really a suitable device for this task. I/O in general is severely hampered by its USB2 system bus (which the RPi4 has finally done away with) and the onboard wireless of all RPi boards is very low-end, limited in features, slow, not concurrent dual-band capable and low range; adding USB wireless cards won't significantly improve this situation either. Even a rather low-end more traditional plastic wireless router can provide much better services, both in terms of performance and reliability.

The RPi4 can be a very capable wired router, but the wireless is still its Achilles' heel.


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