Raspberry and python rpi.gpio, /dev/mem

I have installed Python 2 on a Raspberry B with OpenWrt, and also the pack rpi.gpio.

When I setup gpio pins in python I get:
"RuntimeError: No access to /dev/mem. Try running as root!"

But I am root and the real problem is, that "/dev/mem" dont exist!

I found this topic in the forum:

Where Flop says:
"CONFIG_KERNEL_DEVMEM=y were present in the config file.
So I have removed the config and restarted from scratch and added manually this line and this is ok !"

Can anyone here tell me, where I find the config file, and how I "restart from scratch"

Sorry, but I am rather new with Openwrt.....

Access to /dev/mem is a decided at build time (and a huge security risk!), if you want to allow it, you need to build from source and toggle the kernel configuration accordingly.


Hey slh
Thanks for your answer, and sorry for my late respons...
I have now done it, and it works! - thanks

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