Raspberry 3 in combination with NBN

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My current modem (Netcomm wf10nv) seems to be on it's way out, in the meantime I've started playing around with Openwrt on Raspberry (openwrt-21.02.2-bcm27xx-bcm2710-rpi-3-ext4-factory.img).

My NBN internet comes into the via fixed wireless satellite, then uses a Viasat RM5120 to pass it through the the Netcomm. What I would like to accomplish is have the Viasat RM5120 plugged in directly into the Raspberry and having it bypass the Netcomm. Is that possible or do I need to look for a replacement modem to go inbetween?

At this point I have the Viasat connected to the Raspberry using the cable previously used to go to the Netcomm, can I use the wifi capabilities of the Raspberry to send the signal to the rest of the house?
Currently I can connect, but no internet.

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I don't see how that is supposed to work, as the wf10nv seems to be mostly a VDSL modem-router-pbx. Assuming that your internet uplink comes from a satellite provider (with their own first-level 'sat-modem'), I can't see anyone using a xDSL link between that proprietary wifi uplink router and your wf10nv, so you will get plain ethernet (maybe PPPoE, maybe tagged VLANs) from it (leaving the xDSL port of the wf10nv unconnected) - so the wf10nv would be unnecessary, only used as SIP pbx/ ATA. While you will need to find an alternative to serve your (SIP-) phone needs, that can be connected behind your router/ RPi4 as well.

The abysmal wifi card of the RPi however is not useful for covering your wireless needs, you will need to get some half-decent (OpenWrt supported-) AP.

What's the issue with cross posting? I was hoping to get more advice this way.

It's a Raspberry 3, not 4.
I didn't mention anything about SIP needs.

When I plug in another SD card that has Torbox on it, the concept seems to work; from the Viasat to the Raspberry (Torbox) and devices can use that as an AP. So that set up doesn't need the NF10WV.
Because of reasons I prefer to have the Openwrt Raspberry connected to the Viasat, surely that must be possible then as well.


Cross posting splits the discussion and can waste time with multiple community members giving the same answer when we could be helping others.

From your description I expect you’re in Australia on SkyMuster.

Yes openwrt on the raspberry pi will work and if the range of the wifi meets your needs then have at it.

As slh said though the pi wifi is very low power compared to basically any dedicated router device, as it is a client wifi solution not AP.

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Ok, well I apologize for going against forum rules.

Even with acknowledging the Raspberry's limitations, can somebody explain how to configure the settings to make this concept work? I can only get as far as accessing the br-lan interface.

You’ll need to configure the lan interface to be the wan and remove it from the br-lan bridge.