Range Extender connected to Dumb AP (no internet)

Hello, I have this issue with this setup.

  1. TP-Link Archer MR200 (stock ISP fw) -> LTE router
  2. TP-Link WR841ND v11 (openwrt 19.07.10) -> Dumb AP
  3. TP-Link WR840N v5 (stock fw) -> Range Extender

I successfully configured WR841ND as a "Dumb" AP and I can connect to it and get the internet access relayed from the LTE router.

I want WR840N connect to a WR841ND ("Dumb" AP) and provide internet connection through it.

I switched WR840N to a Range Extender mode and connected to the WR841ND ("Dumb" AP) SSID.

Connection works, but I get no internet access on the extender (WR840N) or clients connected to it.

How do I troubleshoot/fix this?

This hardware is really old, and is only a 4/32 device. While you are on the latest firmware that is physically supported on your device, that version (19.07) is EOL and unsupported. It has many known security vulnerabilities and should not be used anymore. It would be a good idea to start researching upgrade possibilities so that you can run a current and supported version of OpenWrt.

Since the device is using stock firmware, you will probably need to ask TP-Link for support. We don't know any of the details about that device and how it achieves its extender functionality.