Range extender / Antenna for 750m (0.5 miles)?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a solution to extend the wifi range to about 750 meters. Also I was wondering if it could be achieved by only one transmiter device or if I would need to use two devices.

Thank you for your time.

You probably need three devices.

Two for the long range transmission, and one for retransmitting (assuming distribution is required) it locally at the remote location.


Thanks frollic. Any recommendations? I've checked some ubiquity antennas but I think they are overkill for such a small distance.


Check the TP-Link CPE series.

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Just to be clear, 750m is not a small distance in traditional wifi use cases. Typically, normal wifi is good to around 45-50m before it becomes marginal or unusable (maybe as good as double that if in open air and without neighboring APs creating lots of background noise).

A radio link that needs to span more than 10 times that needs purpose built directional antennas and is typically best managed using true PTP links rather than some general wifi device with a replacement antenna.


It’s not even a short distance in typical wired use cases. Standard Ethernet runs are limited to 100m, standard fibre runs to 300m. Long range fibre would do it, but as you suggest a dedicated point to point wireless link is probably the best option.


Is this for a point-to-point connection?
Or do you need to cover an area with a radius of 750m?


You could consider a Cantenna or something parabolic or yagi-uda. Line of sight will be very important.


it would be PTP with a decent line of sight (no obstacles, mostly flat)

Either a pair of CPEs or a dish-type CPE and a dual band desktop router.

The second idea is based on the desktop router using its 2.4 band as endpoint access. It would need to be facing the CPE inside a structure generally transparent to 5 GHz, such as a single wood wall or an un-coated window.

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Yagi antenna. Search: Yagi WIFI on youtube and Amazon for various solutions.