Random USB disk disconnect

I am relatively new to openWrt and I have been having problems with a WD EasyStore 5TB USB3 disk drive WDBAJP0050BBKh formatted with ext4 connected to my Linksys EA8300. I would configure the drive using the Luci interface and connect to it and everything worked great. Then the next time I tried to use Samba or DLNA it would fail. The device driver for /dev/sda1 was missing and the drive was disconnected. If you hot plugged the device again the device descriptor would reappear and I could remount but it would fail again (and again). I installed hd-idle and set the idle time to a very very long time and things seem more stable but still flakey (samba and DLNA disconnect issues). Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and solved it?

likely power issues.
Maybe try a cross check with an extra power supply for the harddisk.


Yes a mechanical disk that is only powered from the USB port can overload the router power system causing a USB disconnect.