Random curiosity: Longest package dependency chain

No question. Just sharing a bit of trivia.
If my shell / awk scripts are working correctly, this is the longest dependency chain on my R4S at 12 dependencies of luci-ssl:

 └── luci
     └── luci-app-firewall
         └── uci-firewall (firewall4)
             └── kmod-nft-offload
                 └── kmod-nft-nat
                     └── kmod-nft-core
                         └── kmod-lib-crc32c
                             └── kmod-crypto-crc32c
                                 └── kmod-crypto-hash
                                     └── kernel
                                         └── libc
                                             └── libgcc1

Looking at this, I think it might be common to any/most deployments of luci with ssl.

Thanks to @efahl for help with scripting.

Time to eat, then do yard work. :slight_smile:


The thing is that the two packages luci and luci-ssl isn’t actual packages.

They are package suites containing all the packages that make up the standard functions we normally know as luci and luci-ssl.

So you don’t need them. I have dissected both package suites and run my own modified luci and luci ssl installation.

The funny thing is that you don’t need any firewall package to run a working luci ssl connection.

The firewall packages only gets drawn in to this because they are a included package in luci that is included in luci-ssl.

The only package in luci connected to the ssl function is the luci uhttpd package that controls the actual ssl connection as long as you have firewall lan input as allowed.