Random crashes on lantiq

Hello, the latest releases cause random reboots in my Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H just a few minutes after booting up. This never happened in several years of OpenWrt use on this particular router.

I tried r10050 and r10078, same result. The latest working version I built is r9270, so that's what I reverted to.

logread -f is no help: it reports nothing up to reboot time. What could be a useful diagnostic to figure out what's going on?

Do you use PPPoE by any chance?

I do, actually, and update it via feeds. Is there something wrong with latest PPPoE packages?

Not sure, but I have unenforced reboots whenever after a transient DSL outage PPP tries to reconnect. In my case the lantiq device acts as bridged modem and it is awndr3700v2 that runs as router behind the modem and the modem just looses and regains dsl-sync, but the wndr3700 has problems with PPPoE (always with reconnects, sometimes with initial connections). I have not yet created a bug report, since after my test there was a nenm ppp version included in master and I have not gotten around to test that. Again, this might not be the same issue you see here, I just wanted to ask.

In my case, the reboots appeared to happen randomly after a few minutes from starting up, with no relation to DSL outages.

Specifically, my running logread -f didn't mention anything suspicious up to the reboot, but I think logread should report about attempted PPP reconnections. That's why I am not inclined to point my finger at PPPoE.

Yes, I agree with your analysis, And thanks for the logread -f reminder, I was trying -t for tail and that did not work ;).
Sorry, for the detour.